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Dreamchair Music: Bio

Guitarist David Fortier and singer Elizabeth Levett met in 1988 while working in the rock group Iowa Tank. Together they formed Voodoo Motel and started writing songs together. They got hitched in 1990. The band played the local clubs until 92. The Fortiers started writing and recording with different folks. They recorded Three Wishes with LA's Gordon Anderson in 1993, and A Rope of Feathers with bassist Ed Summerfield and percussionist Marcos Fernandes the same year. In 1994 they recorded Carnival Skin with drummer Todd Edelman and violinist Carla Kihlstedt. They began working with percussionist Robert Duarte and flute/keyboard player Dennis Hawley and in 1999 they put out the cd Odalisque, largely influenced by Middle Eastern and Central Asian music. Following Hawley's demise, the Fortiers and Duarte began playing more blues/folk-influenced music, returning to forms and pieces closer to home. Their cd Home came out in 2004. In 2006 they produced the cd, Creek's Risin. This was followed by the limited edition cd, Porchboards. In 2011 they put out a new cd, The Way Things Are. Dreamchair Music plays the SF folk clubs and fairs when the weather permits.