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Dreamchair Music: Links


August 30, 2014 - A short video of us in the Park playing Lone Mountain Stomp. Our favorite spot - Elk Glen across from Mallard Lake. Best weather of the summer!

cd Baby
Fabulous site for purchasing music. Run by very nice people.
Robert's films on YouTube
Watch Robert's wonderful films made for the music!! Narrative vignettes and some performances, lots of beautiful SF scenes. Hope you enjoy them.
Apple iTunes
Our other cd!
Apple iTunes
Great Indie
Buy MP3'S of our music here!
Pirate Radio Rock and Road Rash blues shows.
These are Les Lewellyn's podcast radio shows. Les is presumably the Preying Lizard. We found him in the ether and he kindly put us in rotation! What a guy. Thanks, Les
Preying Lizard's Soft Rock Show
Preying Lizard's Instrumental Madness Show
Preying Lizard's No Man's Land Show
More from Pirate Radio. We love this guy!
Watch our new movie on YouTube - look for all the other Dreamchair Music videos. Artist is Robert Duarte, our wonderful percussionist. Special guest star Barbie does a fantastic acting job! What a pro. Gowster says she's great to work with.