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New Dreamchair CD 

Yay! Two years in the works - our new cd comes out this winter. Recorded 2018-19 at the Ed Shed in Alameda with the help of our wonderful friend Ed Summerfield, this one includes some of David's earliest songs. Yep, she finally got him to record the old "Lonesome Cowboy Dave" catalog. Also lots of new songs and 2015's "Object Permanence." Can't wait to get these out to our friends.

Adam and Andrew's Wedding 

In October David and Elizabeth got to sing to a happy couple up at Sutro Heights on their San Francisco wedding day! We performed one of our very old songs, "Clowns Pants" after David serenaded the gathering with solo guitar for awhile. After they were pronounced husband and husband, we performed "Page Fourteen" from our upcoming cd. Love and blessings to Adam and Andrew!

New Song - Object Permanence 

Yeah! We've finally uploaded Object Permanence. Amazing how long it took us, but it's been a rough few months. Last August we played for all our buddies in the park. Our good friend, Ed Summerfield, said to me as he was getting ready to go, "Liz, Object Permanence, we gotta record it." We recorded one Saturday in November and then went back in December to re-do a few things. Finally got the mix right after a few trips and lots of emails back and forth. Ed is amazing and patient and Adrienne always makes…

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Lizzie does a reading June 14! 

Elizabeth has been invited to read some of her pieces (and perform songs with David) at Expressions Gallery in Berkeley on June 14th! Some of her written work can be found at Digital Paper Wordpress. She will be selling copies of her book, Beauty Secrets of the Stars, as well as cd's from the band.

August 30th Live in the park! 

Yeah! DCM has booked Elk Glen for a big picnic on August 30th. We'll be playing all the old chestnuts, as well as a few new songs we've been working on. Can't wait to see everybody and play out under the trees.

Home bodies. 

Yep, It's been forever. We're not playing out anywhere - just not in the mood to perform. But we're still writing and working on songs. Still love you, honest.

Hey, a new Dreamchair Movie! 

Look for the newest DCM video on YouTube - Robert Duarte, our wonderful percussionist and visual artist has done it again. This time with a special cameo performance by the incomparable BARBIE herself! Check it out.


The Way Things Are 

Finally!! Our new cd is done and ready and gorgeous. Come get 'em. Many thanks to our friend Ed Summerfield for recording us, helping us mix, and feeding us great lunches. Great graphic production by Jim Velier.

Recording with Ed Summerfield 

There's a crisp breeze blowing the clouds in this morning and your pals on the dreamchair are sleepy indeed. We've spent the last two Saturdays recording at the home studio of our long-time buddy, Ed Summerfield. Ed is a gifted musician and has lately been trying his hand at recording some of his lucky friends in his home-made studio. Not only do we get to enjoy the hospitality (and home cooking) of Ed's amazingly kind wife, Adrienne and the company of his two gorgeous daughters (and the dogs), we've also…

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2009 Folk Fest 

We had a blast playing at the fabulous free Folk Fest today! New location at the Presidio Middle School (30th and Geary Sts.) so much better. Richard Rice is a wonderful (if crazy) human being!