Recording with Ed Summerfield

There's a crisp breeze blowing the clouds in this morning and your pals on the dreamchair are sleepy indeed. We've spent the last two Saturdays recording at the home studio of our long-time buddy, Ed Summerfield. Ed is a gifted musician and has lately been trying his hand at recording some of his lucky friends in his home-made studio. Not only do we get to enjoy the hospitality (and home cooking) of Ed's amazingly kind wife, Adrienne and the company of his two gorgeous daughters (and the dogs), we've also been fortunate to be able to use Tom Rettig's fabulous microphones. Most of the basic tracks for eleven new songs are finished. Next weekend we finish off the vocals and add Lizzie's bone dancing wood percussion parts. A new Dreamchair Music cd? Give us time, it should be in the works as soon as we get the new music mixed. Maybe Jim Velier will do the art work for us again?!


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