From the recording Odalisque

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An obvious break-up song on my part.


I know, I know, I will remember, but I can feel myself pulling away. The danger of moving beats the hazard of staying around. You show me the sleek pidgeons of rain and I can almost see them, but what I see is blinding white, it's their bellies taking flight.
There's a motel light that blinks on and off, something that is constant, places timing on all action, something in the light outside.
I see my boxes in the car. I see the colors of my dreaming. My colors start to dance like oil just when you're gettin' clear. Like railroad switches life goes on, something so insistent. There's the sunrise-my horizon, traffic lights in the towns below. There's a noise inside everyone at night, somehow there's a reference, laces meaning through intention, something in the light inside.